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Secure Your Data With FREE SSL at Net Access

SSL is the most important requirement for securing communications over a computer network.

Dig into our article to know more about this remarkable feature. 

What Is SSL?

SSL means secure sockets layer. It is a cryptographic protocol. It is the technology for keeping an internet connection secure. 

Also, it safeguards any sensitive data that is being exchanged between two systems. This, as a result, prevents criminals from gaining access to any data being transferred, including any personal details. 

How does it protect your data? The answer is simple. SSL makes the data being sent impossible to read. It does so by using encryption algorithms to scramble the data. 

Why Do You Need a Secure Sockets Layer?

If you’re exchanging any personal information, SSL is what you need. 

But that’s not it. Most importantly, you need SSL to build your customers’ trust. This is because search engines have started to crack down non-secure websites. If your website does not have an SSL certificate, it will remain http while those which have a secure sockets layer certificate will show https in browsers. 

Moreover, you will also need this feature to rank higher. Google has recently announced that SSL is now a ranking signal. This means that you will only be able to attract traffic and gain revenue if you have ths protocol. 

How Does it Work?

The process to secure your data is straightforward. Here’s what basically happens:

  1. A user connects to this service
  2. There is an exchange of public keys between both parties. Through this, only the other party can access your data.
  3. When a message is sent by the user, the public key is used to encrypt the data
  4. The server uses its private key to decrypt the data.

How Can You Get SSL for Your Website?

With Net Access, it’s a very easy process. The best part about getting SSL with Net Access is that it’s COMPLETELY FREE! When you hire our hosting services, you can get your secure sockets layer as a bonus with the services. This means that you will be enjoying tons of other features along with a free security tool.

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